11 Delicious Healthy Snacks

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A snack is a light meal usually taken in a hurry between meals. For example, you are on your way home then you decide to drop in a supermarket to buy some milk, on your way to the milk section you pass the biscuit section then you decide to buy some biscuits to ”keep your mouth busy” as you walk home, that biscuit you bought is what is considered to be a snack. However, with the increasing number in obesity in the world today, and snacks being found to be one of the leading causes of obesity, healthy snacks have been discovered.

By healthier snacks i mean those that are enjoyable to munch, easily found and do not pose a threat to your health when taken in excess. Cravings are usually the causes of unhealthy snacking. But what people do not realize is that one can enjoy his/her favorite snack without the risk of being obese. Different people crave for different things; there are those who crave for salty snacks, others that crave for sweet or sugary snacks, there are those that crave for sour/bitter snack but whatever you crave is, theres always a healthier way to go about it. However, when people are asked to try some healthy snacks, they tend to shy away from it because they think that they will have to give up their sweet/sour snacks for flat stuff. That is not so, just because they are called healthy snacks does not mean they are tasteless. In addition, just to prove those healthy snacks critics wrong, i shall list some of the most common healthy snacks worldwide.

11 Delicious Healthy Snacks

  1. Yogurt: I know right? You do not believe it but it is true. Now you can have the entire yogurt you want because it is said to be advisable for your gut, has low level of fat and is rich in calcium. Due to its richness in calcium, it is said to be good in reducing fat that has accumulated around the stomach.
  2. Honey: Now you do not have to fear eating honey, just by spreading some on your bread is good enough. It has been known to cure sore throats, also increases the levels of substances found in the blood known as antioxidants, and helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in bodies of those who suffer from high cholesterol.
  3. Almond fruits: Almond fruits are said to be rich in magnesium, a good source of protein, has fiber that is also beneficial to your body and has vitamin E.
  4. Apples: Apples have many benefits attached to them and I’m sure they are easily found. It is like having an easy access to health. Apples are said to be rich in vitamin C, has fibre and potassium. It is also advisable to take as many apples as possible especially if you are on a weight loss programme. Studies have shown that those people on a weight loss programme and take apples on a regular basis have show amazing improvement in their weight loss.
  5. Carrots: Chewing on carrots is also a healthy way of taking snacks for those who love to constantly have something to bite. Apart from a few that are a bit tasteless, carrots are usually sweet and with time one may find him/herself craving for one.
  6. Chocolate: I know women reading this are all smiling. However, its true, chocolate is good for your health but not just any chocolate, only dark chocolate. Reason being, dark chocolate has cocoa as one of its components and this cocoa is found to be rich in antioxidants. It also has different types of acids that are also beneficial to the human body.
  7. Low-carb snacks: Try this nutritious recipes for you to relieve the tiny hunger without breaching any keto diet rules in a low-carb diet: spinach muffins, quark filled mushrooms and feta and chocolate-coconut balls. If you are on a keto diet and looking for low carb snacks, go here for more keto friendly snack ideas.
  8. Apricots: Are also good healthy snacks. They are especially most beneficial when they are taken when they are dried. Their sweet taste and ease of chewing make them a suitable healthy snack.
  9. Clementine: Is a type of fruit that is rich in citric acid. Its low calorie level makes it a healthy snack such that one can eat up to three a day.
  10. Nuts in all variations: Although they have a comparatively high fat ratio, they mostly provide you with unsaturated fatty acids, which are actually super healthy fats and also help you shed weight and build muscle.
  11. Boiled eggs: It’s just the ultimate nutritious snack that you take wherever you can: hard-boiled eggs. Eggs contain approximately 90 calories, 7 grams of fat, 11 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Those are just but a few of the hundreds of healthy snack that are available for your consumption without you worrying about your health. Preparing a healthy snack list can be really beneficial.

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