10 Types of Traditional Food that are Typical of Rural Areas in Indonesia

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The main need for every human being is food because it is for the continuity of life and provides food for the body that has been entrusted by God to be protected.

Talking about food, in the midst of an increasingly advanced era of technology and diversity of creativity in all fields, traditional food is still the favorite food of the Indonesian people. Knowing culinary alone can make you feel like you’re traveling around Indonesia and getting to know Indonesia more widely. Of course, it will further foster a sense of nationalism within, right?

The food has almost the same ingredients but what is different is the regional spices that come from a village make the taste richer. Moreover, Indonesia is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna as well as the richness of spices in Indonesian nature. Making traditional food an identity for Indonesia. However, what kinds of traditional foods might people have? Or where does a traditional food come from, which is the hallmark of an area. Here is the review:

1. Kue medut

The Solo area is a special area because it still maintains the sultanate from the modern era and the island of Java, which has come overseas. This specialty can also be seen from the culinary delights, namely Mendut cakes, which you can still find and enjoy. The process of making Mendut cakes is quite long. Because of the need for mixing the dough and forming the dough even up to the banana leaf wrap that has to be dried. The cake is made from sticky rice mixed with water to form a chewy texture. After that the Mendut cake has contents in it with a mixture of grated coconut and brown sugar. Even though this cake comes from solo, you can find Mendut cakes in other Central Java areas.

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