10 Effective Ways to Achieve Good Mental Health

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Physical well-being and mental health are very important for the human body to function properly. Taking care of yourself does not have to cost you anything, just some time and effort along with consistency for the betterment of your overall health should be enough. Below we have highlighted 10 ways to nurture and uplift your mental health issues in these tough times.

  • Tech cleansing

Excess usage of gadgets can take a toll on your mental health. One thing you can do to relax at the end of the day is to ditch those gadgets and spend some quality time with your family before going to bed. It will help detox yourself from the toxicity of social media and the burden of your work, reducing your mental stress.

  • Eat well

It may not seem true, but your diet has a big impact on your mental health. Eating and healthy and junk foods will put you at a higher risk for depression and anxiety issues. Having a balanced diet with proper proportions of greens, dairy, and poultry will keep your mental health and your physical stature healthy and thriving.

  • Practice meditation

Studies show that people who practice meditation improve their anxiety levels by 60% in just 6 to 8 months. People who meditate are also at a lower risk of being diagnosed with fatal diseases.

Starting today, make a routine and meditate first thing in the morning for 15-30 minutes. Concentrate on your breath, gratitude, and tell yourself something positive before starting the day.

Practice this routine consistently and then see the difference yourself.

  • Go out and about

If you spend a large portion of your day sitting on your office desk or even just laying on your bed then you should try to get up and move around the house or even go for a walk in the park in the morning.

It is quite easy to lose track of time, so try to take out a specific slot of your day to spend time reconnecting with nature. Your mental health will thank you.

  • Talk to someone

If you are feeling down and demotivated, chances are someone from your close friends or family has probably gone through the same phase at least once. You should try talking to them about your feelings and consider following their advice since they can guide you better and lift your mood.

  • Exercise daily

Just like meditation, exercise is very important for the body’s well-being, and mental peace of mind. It clears up your mind, makes you feel refreshed, and aids in the circulation of blood flow around the body. Exercises such as headstands and handstands promote blood flow to the brain, helping in clear thinking and an energized attitude for the rest of the day.

Try dedicating at least 15-20 minutes daily to a full-fledge workout to keep yourself mentally fit.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

According to recent mental health news and scientific researches, alcohol disturbs the chemicals in the brain, increasing your reaction time and makes you escape reality temporarily. In the long-term, it is harmful because even if you consume small amounts daily, you may be more of a victim of elevated stress and anxiety than a person who doesn’t drink. Instead, try focusing on other hobbies for your mental health to get your mind off of drinking.

  • Get enough sleep

This cannot be stressed enough. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day! A very common habit of people with bad mental health is that they sleep at 4 am in the morning. Your body needs its “me-time”, and that is in the form of sleep! Hence, make a schedule to try to sleep at 10 or 11 pm max daily for a good nights’ sleep.

  • Take up one thing at a time

This tip is key. You need to be dealing with small things, baby steps, as they say. This way you can reduce the mental stress of completing an array of tasks in one go, and focus on doing one task perfectly, then moving on to another.

  • Show gratitude and count your blessings

On days when you feel low, take a notebook and a pen and write down whatever you feel. Try to make a list of things that you are grateful for, and as a bonus, try recalling how your day/week went and note down things you would have done differently or changed. Then before starting the new week, reflect on your writing so you have a vague idea of what makes you happy and bloom.

Mental health is not taken very seriously in many cultures and societies around the world, but it is a significant part of your daily life. You make rational decisions, choices, and perform day-to-day tasks based on your mental health, hence it is vital that you take good care of it.

Stay healthy and happy!

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